Not Ready to be a Grandma.

Well…Here we are again. Another date , and another funny story that makes me question my own sanity. I’m going to be honest, the dating pool is absolute shit these days. Or maybe I’m just a really unlucky person when it comes to that department. Either way , this one left me with a story that I’m still laughing about. Don’t forget to leave your comments and reactions after you read!

So, I’ve never been secretive about the fact that I date men who are a little bit older than me. For some reason I don’t really relate to guys that are my age and act like they are 10 years younger. This guy that I went out with was 42, and mayyybeee that was a stretch, I usually have a limit of like 35…But he was HOT, had a good job, and was a complete gentlemen…what’s wrong with that?… Let me tell you.

We were meeting for drinks and before we decided on where to go he asked me if I wanted to get some coffee instead but , I didn’t. Bring on the wine! Plus I don’t even drink coffee. Finally we sat down and the waitress came by and asked us what we’d be drinking. He ordered a coffee and I ordered a glass of pinot grigio. Keepin’ it classy. Then she asked if I wanted the 6 or the 9 ounce glass and I said, with probably a little too much enthusiasm, ” 9 ounce please!” So we’re sitting there talking for awhile and I was just not into this at all, I wasn’t feeling the vibe. Nope. Then he gets up to use the restroom. I was actually texting my mom telling her how lame the date was and she asked me if I needed a rescue call but I told her not yet. (Thanks mom, you’re the real MVP.) He comes back to the table and the waitress brings me a second glass of wine… and all of a sudden I’m having fun! Imagine that…

We then decided to go to a comedy show in the city , so I dropped my car off at home and he drove us down there. We got out of the car and made our way towards a large cement staircase leading down to the show. Now, I’m not really sure what happened in that exact moment but as we’re walking down the stairs my foot slips out from underneath me, and I just flew down those fuckers like a kid in a sled on Christmas.

I got the bruise to prove it too. He gently lifts me up and we walk inside the comedy club. We sat down and I ordered a glass of wine with the show, which I later spilled all over his lap. No wonder I’m still single. Ha, just kidding! We watched the show and ended up actually having a lot of fun. Once it ended we ended up going back to his place and watched a movie… Well actually he watched the movie I fell asleep.

When morning came , I heard someone in the kitchen and I looked at my date and said, “Is there someone in your house?” he said, “Yeah that’s my son, he lives with me.” Well…this just got a lot more awkward. Not because he had kids but because his son is ONE YEAR younger than me. I walked out into the kitchen to get some water and the son looks at me with a big smile and cheerfully says , “Hi, good morning!” I looked at him with wide eyes and a half smile as I awkwardly said good morning back to him.

And as it turns out, my date not only had a son who was about my age but also a daughter! And she was just a couple of years younger than me. But it doesn’t end there. She has a son of her own! Which makes him…yes…a grandpa.

He had actually mentioned his kids to me sometime while I was on my second glass of wine. And , after I picked my jaw up off the floor…He asked me if that was weird for me. Of course it was! But I just replied with, “Well more importantly, isn’t that weird for your kids?” He said no…but I wasn’t sold on that theory.

All in all we had a great night and a lot of fun (even though I had texted my mom saying I needed to GTFO of here at first.) I wish I had known he was a recovering alcoholic before I had 3 glasses of wine, fell down the stairs and spilt my drink on him. But he said he didn’t mind. And even though he wanted to see me again… I told him I couldn’t. Because let’s face it…I’m not ready to be a fucking grandma!

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  1. Thanks for sharing ❤️ reading about your dating experiences. On the grandma note, your title could be “Aunty Gabby”😂😂😂

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